Before use, you must have a web server (shared or dedicated) with PHP and MySQL (LAMP or WAMP).

You need to have access to a webserver running Apache, MySQL and PHP.
Operating system can be either Linux, Windows or a similar variant running the prerequiste software.
Don't need a dedicated server or Virtual private Server space, only a shared website hosting space is enough for IntraMessenger server.
You also need to have the ability to create a MySQL database and tables.

Knowledge to install/setup a new server is necessary :

  • install web server : easy install (under Windows) Apache + MySQL + PHP + PHPMyAdmin :
        - WampServer (see the install doc include in IntraMessenger server)
        - Xampp (the Xampp lite (50 Mo) version include IntraMessenger is avaible to download)
        - EasyPhp
        - UwAmp.
  • create a database (if necessary).
  • update two configuration files to setup login and password (MySQL database access), and choose options.

Read /doc/en/install.html for server setup (include in server files).
Tutorial how to install wamp: link 1 - link 2