Technical description (why IntraMessenger is so unique)

Its purpose isn't to be one more MSN/Skype/Jabber/Teamspeak... like (clone) as you see with many options.

Its architecture directs it to a company usage, and immediately give high security level :

  • Low bandwidth usage: no open listen port (socket), only centralized web request to the server (call url with parameters : php scripts) : makes possible great flexibility, and very advantageous to not be blocked by firewalls.
  • Using diagrams
  • Can authentication by 3rd-Party application (existing database) : forum, CMS, blog, groupware, ERP, CRM...
    Can force authentication nickname to Windows current username.
  • Server open source (PHP/MySQL) : allows flexibility, and simple and easy adaptability.
  • Four special modes three specific:
    Normal: (default mode) everyone sees only their own (validated) contacts.
    OPEN_COMMUNITY: everybody can see everybody, without adding to their contact list (e.g. : school, internet cafe...).
    GROUP_COMMUNITY: everybody can see everybody (only) of they are in the SAME GROUP(s).
    OPEN_GROUP_COMMUNITY: everybody can see everybody, without adding to their contact list. Order by groups (managed by administrator).
  • Centralization of all exchanges (systematically trough server, even for file transfer).
  • Installation, parameter setting and server supervision are easy.

Display local time zone, country flag, and using language.
If necessary, can hiearchic users management : can add to contact only lower or equal level users.