Need your help for translate to other languages

Need your help to translate this software in other language.
If you can help, thanks to loot at :

Thanks to :
- Dr Guy Simmons (aka DrTeeth) for english translation updates
- Francesco de Marpillero (& Fabian & Marco) for italian translation
- Reuel Verissimo for portugues (brazilian)
- Maicon Fernando Abreu for portuguese (server) translation
- Christian Hoffmeister, Timo and Sven Beutler for german translation (client)
- Sami6sto ( for finish (suomi) translation (client)
- Cosmin Negut ( for romanian translation
- Recep Top for turkish translation
- Benny Lloyd Willner for swedish translation (client)
- Slobodan Marinkov for serbian translation (client)
- Ermin Sehic for bosnian translation (client)
- Rocnrh for english translation updates
- Tiago Cruz for Portuguese (of Portugal) translation (client)
- Zippohontas for Dutch (Netherlands) translation
- Chris for indonesian translation (client)