Request a IntraMessenger client customized version

The setting will be done from (on) your server.


[1] IntraMessenger server domain or subdomain (address begin) (e.g. ).
     If subdomain usage, specify it (example: ).
     Caution: codes provided only for this web server name, begin by this address (domaine or subdomaine name or IP address).
[2] On customized version, 'About' sheet is updated (no link to official website, no button 'donate' [D] ),
     but you can hide it with this option [E].
[3] Replace picture [A] png format imperative have size : 345x103
     and need to complete options SITE_TITLE_TO_SHOW [B] and SITE_URL_TO_SHOW [C].

Test with this server address (url) : to see differences.

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Desired updates :
New title * 9 euros (12 USD)
Hide 'About' menu [2] 4 euros (5 USD)
Can replace splash screen picture [3] 6 euros (8 USD)
Can rename executable file 6 euros (8 USD)
Lock server change 3 euros (4 USD)
Skin from server 6 euros (8 USD)

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Requierment : client version 1.23C mini, server 2.0.3 mini